Marianne is a brand by Australian designer Alexandra McLeod. We create shirts and scarves using superior silk cloth, traditional tailoring techniques and quality craftsmanship. 

Marianne takes influences from various places; feminine pieces worn by the important women in Alexandra’s life, as well as the pioneers of style and contemporary design.

The significance of the name Marianne is derived from the leading character in Luca Guadagnino's 2016 film, A Bigger Splash, in which Marianne's wardrobe is a reflection of her own journey through the transitions in her life.

The idea behind Marianne is that a quality, well-constructed shirt can last far beyond a season - it is timeless, yet it is very much of the moment. A Marianne shirt is refined in its details, is playful in its use of pattern, and is unique in the way that it falls. It’s these subtleties that have been intertwined through the design process to make a Marianne shirt feel different from the rest, one that can be played down or dressed up using items found in your own wardrobe.

Our pieces are made for the discerning woman and are available exclusively online.